Out of Hours/ Emergencies


If you require our assistance in an emergency when the practice is closed then we have a duty vet and duty nurse on call to assist you.

If your pet does need emergency care, we’ll normally ask you to bring them to our clinic where we have the equipment and medicine to provide immediate treatment. We will do house visits, but it’s often best for your pet if you can bring them to us, so they have the best facilities and veterinary support available immediately.


Out of Hours Costs:

Monday – Friday 6pm-10pm £79.20

Saturday 12pm-6pm £79.20

Monday-Friday 10pm-8:30am £99.60

Saturday 6pm- Monday 8:30am £99.60

Bank holidays £99.60

A consultation charge will also be added

Out of hours to non clients  £138

A consultation charge will also be added