Are your pets up to date with their vaccinations?

According to the veterinary times there has been a dramatic decline in pet vaccination levels which is raising concerns.

25%, 2.3 million dogs haven’t had their primary vaccination course and 35% 3.6 million cats. These are the highest levels ever recorded by the report and compares with 18% of dogs and 28% of cats in 2011.

PDSA spokeswomen and vet Rebecca Ashman explained ‘the worry is, if there’s this fall in owners vaccinating their pets, there may be a drop in herd immunity. We’re really worried there’s going to be pockets and outbreaks of diseases, which is heartbreaking for us (vets) when we normally know we can prevent them.’

If pets aren’t getting vaccinated then they are much more susceptible to diseases such as leptospirosis, distemper or parvovirus in dogs. Diseases in cats that are covered by vaccinations are Feline infectious enteritis, cat flu and Leukemia. These viruses can be fatal for our pets.

The survey suggests that owners expressed that ‘cost’ is one of the top reasons for failing to vaccinate their pet.

We know that it’s easy to get behind with your pets vaccinations so we are carrying out a vaccination amnesty at Tern Vets to help them get back on track and stay protected.

Between 12th June and 31st July, if your pet needs to restart their vaccinations due to them missing their yearly booster, we will be offering it for the price of a normal booster. Rather than £40.80 it will cost you £30 for dogs and £29.40 for cats.

If you wish to make an appointment please contact reception at Newport 01952 820222 or Market Drayton 01630 652395.