Udder Care


Our Udder Care program is an innovative approach to investigating udder health, resulting in a collaborative action plan specific to your farm and involving all members of your dairy team.

One of four initial diagnoses will be considered, depending on your milk recording data, mastitis records and mastitis and high cell count cultures.


A visit, focused discussion and set of diagnosis-specific observations will be used to highlight areas where we can make most impact on reducing clinical cases.

Your vet will report back to you and your team promptly and practical solutions to implementing any recommendations will be discussed and agreed on, including any training sessions on best practice.

Quarterly reviews and reports will be used to monitor mastitis indices to ensure the agreed changes are having the impact we need.

Please contact a member of our farm team to discuss how Udder Care can help increase your profitability. If you would like to assess the impact mastitis and high cell counts are having on your farm, the link below will calculate figures specific to you: www.farm-cost.co.uk