Kennel cough…..not just in caught in Kennels!

Don’t get hacked off with Kennel cough!

March is Kennel cough awareness month here at Tern Vets! To promote this we are offering 10% off kennel cough vaccines throughout March, to help keep your dogs protected.

Did you know that Kennel cough is a highly contagious cough that doesn’t just develop from being in kennels? It can in fact be caught anywhere dogs meet-out on walks, at the beach, training classes, dog shows and of course boarding kennels. It can be transmitted through the air, on objects that have been in contact with an affected animal, and also by direct nose-to-nose transmission.

The condition can involve several infectious agents including viruses and bacteria – Bordetella bronchiseptica. Younger animals are particularly vulnerable, and any pet that is going into kennels or dog training classes may be at greater risk.

What are the symptoms?

Kennel cough is a dry, retching ‘honking’ cough, that can sound like you’re dog is choking on something. It affects dogs of all ages, last year it was estimated that 40,000 cases were seen by the vets in the UK alone. 

What is the treatment?

If you suspect your dog is showing signs of kennel cough, please do not hesitate to contact us so we can book an appointment in with one of our vets. As kennel cough is contagious, we may ask you to wait outside with them to avoid it spreading to other dogs. If the vet diagnoses them with kennel cough they can usually treat it with medication and some TLC. Most dogs recover completely within three weeks, though it can take up to six weeks in older dogs or those with other medical conditions. Because serious, ongoing kennel cough infection can lead to pneumonia, be sure to follow up with your veterinarian if your dog doesn’t improve within the expected amount of time. Like any vaccine, the kennel cough vaccine does not guarantee 100% protection, however it reduces their chance of catching it greatly.

Throughout March we are offering 10% off kennel cough vaccines to help keep your dogs protected. To make an appointment please contact us at the practice on 01630 952935 (Market Drayton) or 01952 820222 (Newport).