Grain Free Pet Food

Here at Tern Vets we always recommend the best food possible for your pets. We have recently discovered Farmina Natural and Delicious low grain and grain free pet food which is now available from us. The latest research has shown that dogs and cats thrive better off on a high protein diet. Just like their ancestors our dogs and cats prefer eating a carnivorous diet.

Why Farmina?

We use only first choice raw materials wisely mixed and cooked in our kitchen with healthy methods and following strict guidelines provided by experts in dogs and cats nutrition who have always dealt with it and know carnivores nutritional needs.
The extreme care and attention given to conceive  and develop our food is typical of family and that’s where our nutritional philosophy comes from.

Natural & Delicious Grain Free
, with 70% of really high quality animal origin raw materials, completely without cereals and GMO Free.

Natural & Delicious Low Ancestral Grain
, with 60% of really high quality animal origin raw materials, few ancestral cereals (splet and oats) and GMO Free.

Dogs and cats are our four-legged family and live the emotions that can be found only at home.
Nutrition is the basis of their wellbeing which is prerequisite to their happiness and joy that daily can pass, that’s why our motto and the funding of our actions is: Happy pet. Happy you.

Nature is the biggest source of wealth and this is the reason why we preserve our feed’s characteristics using tools and methods Mother Nature gave us by using:

Tochoferol rich extracts allow a natural preservation of products.

EU allows the use of GMO but regulates it strictly by the “precaution principle”. Farmina extends the precaution by excluding from its formulas potentially GMO ingredients and using GMO FREE Ancestral Cereals (spelt and oats).

While packing we introduce inside the bags nitrogen, which substitutes oxygen granting a natural preservation of the product. This technique is widely used also in human nutrition, as nitrogen is a volatile gas highly distributed in nature which, daily, we breathe.