Farm Care by Tern Vets


Tern Vets Farm Practice is a forward thinking practice covering farms throughout North Shropshire, Staffordshire and South Cheshire. We have seven dedicated farm animal practitioners, each with their own areas of interest and with over 80 years of experience and knowledge between them.

We aim to provide our clients with friendly, professional, first rate health care and advice with a strong emphasis on developing sustainable partnerships with them to create healthier animals and more productive, profitable farms. No farm is too small or too large and we provide the very best and most up to date advice in all areas of farm animal healthcare regardless of size.

We have a pricing structure that we believe provides veterinary medicines at a highly competitive price while still providing our professional work at a realistic rate.

Our strong belief is that disease is best prevented and as such we offer farm specific pro-active advice on all areas of animal health and particularly the main problem areas of:

Integral to this pro-active approach is Herd health planning.

Services that we offer:

  • Seven dedicated farm vets providing full 24 hour cover
  • Friendly and efficient Veterinary Support Staff
  • Regular fertility visits with goggle or screen scanners
  • In house laboratory
  • Close links with external labs for disease investigation/screening and blood profiles
  • Interherd Bureau fertility management plan
  • Milk record analysis using Interherd, Interherd Plus and TotalVet
  • Fertility Analysis using Interherd Plus and Total Vet
  • Dairyco Mastitis control plan
  • Regular annual farmer meetings for advice and information on current issuses
  • Regular newsletters about offers and issues
  • Herd Health planning
  • Bull breeding soundness examinations including semen testing.
  • Free herd worming and vaccination advice.
  • Competitively priced prescription and non-prescription veterinary medicines
  • TB testing
  • Advice on purchasing animals and Biosecurity

We are proud to be a member of, please click on the link below to access this website and more up to date information for UK dairy farmers


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