Frequently Asked Questions

When you bring your pet to the vets we know that this can be a anxious trip for you and your furry friend. These are some general questions that we get asked here at Tern Vets so we thought we would share them with you to try and put you at ease.


What age can my cat be neutered?

We can neuter  cats from five months old. We always recommend that the vet checks them over first if they have not seen the cat before. This is to ensure that they are fit and healthy.

What age can my dog be neutered?

Male dogs can be neutered from six months of age depending on their size and breed. Female dogs can be neutered at six months of age before they come in to season or three months after a season.

What is the procedure for neutering my pet?

When you book in for your pet to be neutered the staff will run you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

We ask that you don’t feed your pet from 8pm the night before the operation. This is to ensure that they have an empty stomach to avoid them vomiting under the anaesthetic. You can leave there water down over night but take it away from them when you get up in the morning.

When you come into the vets and check in, the nurse will call you in to admit your pet. They will run through the operation and answer any questions you may have. They will ask if your pet is on any medication and when they last ate. The nurse will then take your pet through to the dog/cat wards where they will settle them in and make sure that they are comfortable. When the vet is ready to start operating they will give the animal a general anaesthetic to make them go to sleep so they are unconscious. The vet will then start operating while the vet nurse monitors their breathing and heart rate.

Once the operation is complete they will take them back to recover from the anaesthetic, which will be monitored.  After they wake up the vet or nurse will call you to let you know how everything went and what time you can come and collect them.

How often should I flea and worm my pet?

This depends on which product you use. We have flea spot on treatments for dogs and cats that can be applied monthly or tablets (for dogs only) that last for three months.

Worming tablets can be given every three months for adult dogs and cats. If you cat or dog is particularly good at hunting you can worm them monthly. We recommend that you regularly treat your pets to prevent the infestation of fleas and ticks.

Do you have an out of hours service if my pet is unwell after the practice closes?

Yes we run an out of hours service with our own vets to ensure consistency for you and your pet. If you have an emergency after we close then you just need to call our normal number 01630 652935 where you will be put through to our emergency line who will then contact the vet on call. Just to make you aware that there will be a charge for using the out of hours service.

When should I get my puppy/kitten vaccinated?

A puppy should have its first vaccination at 8 weeks of age and a kitten at 9 weeks of age. When a puppy/kitten is born they have certain levels of antibodies in their systems which has been passed through to them by their mothers milk.

At 8/9 weeks of age the levels of antibodies starts to decline which is why animals have a vaccination here to boost them back up. They will then need another vaccination at 12 weeks of age.

My dog is going into kennels, when will he need his kennel cough vaccine?

We recommend that your dog has their kennel cough vaccine at least two weeks before they go into kennels. It is always best to contact the kennels where your dog is staying, to ask what time frame they require as every establishment is different.