radiographyWe have excellent X-ray facilities at our Market Drayton practise ensuring that we can treat your pets effectively. X-rays are extensively used at the practise as they are an easy way to examine large areas of the patient non-invasively and can provide a great deal of information, whether it is a suspected broken bone or a diseased internal organ.

Digital X-ray facilities capture images on a digital film providing a better quality of picture in a shorter period of time. The images can then be viewed on a monitor and manipulated by the computer software to develop clearer and more accurate images.

Sometimes our patients will have to be sedated for an X-ray as it is important that your pet lies still as the exposure is made or the final picture will be blurred. Nurses and vets take many x-rays every day and so they cannot hold all the patients or they would also be exposed to the x-rays which can be dangerous over a long period of time.