Equine Services

We offer free telephone advice on any aspect of healthcare and we encourage preventative healthcare. We firmly believe that a pro-active approach to your horses health is far better than a reactive one and will be more cost effective for you also.


We use Proteqflu and Proteqflu Te which have been developed with up to date technology to provide safe protection against Ohio strains of equine influenza. We have send out courtesy vaccine reminders to help you avoid missing the stringent deadlines.

Worming advice

We offer tailor made worming advice for your horse and a faecal worm egg counting service in house.

Dental Care

We believe that dental health is critical to the wellbeing of your horse and will perform routine teeth rasping at the time of the annual health check and vaccination or more frequently if required. We generally advise sedation for anything except the basic rasp as it enables a much more thorough examination of the mouth and appropriate treatment.


Any equine foal born after 1st July 2009 will have to be fitted with a microchip, as will any new passport application for older animals. We can insert microchips quickly and easily in any horse or foal, with or without passport sketches.

Digital X-rays

We have a digital x-ray developer which enables us to take x-rays in the field and in the clinic and get clear images very quickly. The benefit of this is the improved diagnostic quality of the images and the ability to quickly email x-rays to obtain other expert opinions about them. This may mean that referral to clinics further afield may not be required. We routinely x-ray feet, legs and heads.

Ultrasound Examinations

anotherhorseWe operate several up to date portable scanners which enable us to scan tendons and legs as well as being able to offer a reproductive scanning service.

Endoscopic Examinations

We have a modern flexible endoscope which can be used in the field or in the clinic to investigate upper respiratory tract problems and take tracheal and lung samples.

Surgical Procedures

We undertake minor surgical procedures in the field such as castrations, wolf tooth extractions and stitch-ups.

Lameness Examinations

We are able to perform lameness examinations and usually book in longer visits for these as they often require nerve or joint blocks and a more prolonged examination.

In-house Blood Analysis

We have biochemistry and haematology blood analyzers to give a large amount of information within hours. This is very useful when animals are examined later in the day or evening as it avoids the need to wait for results from external labs.

Faecal Worm Egg Count

We offer an in-house service to give results within 24 hours of receipt of a faecal sample. We follow this up with tailor made advice for your horse.

Horse Export Certification

We are able to perform pre-export checks and certifications that comply with government requirements.

At The Tern Veterinary Group we try to offer a service that provides value for money as well as being of a high standard. We do not believe that the cheaper is always better especially when it comes to caring for your horse. There are significant overheads associated with the equipment and facilities that we keep and maintain, and our vets are constantly keeping up to date with best practice procedures in order for us to offer you a high level of service.

We aim to provide you with a high level of care and attention to detail. We are aware that it is not always possible to provide all the answers at a realistic price and we will endeavour to guide you through the choices available to you every step of the way should your horse become ill.

Please contact the surgery for a list of our prices.