Stars of the Month

April 2017 - Spot Gilliland

Spot came to us in March in a bad way after having gone missing for 3 days. It looked as though he had been hit by a car and had extensive injuries. The muscles forming the abdominal wall were completely torn leaving the abdominal contents lying under the skin rather than being encased in the abdomen. Two of our vets, Lucy and Dermot, spent two hours operating on Spot to reconstruct his abdominal wall. He was kept hospitalised for a few days on strong pain relief and fluids. There was a high chance that the reconstructed abdomen could breakdown so we checked on Spot every few days after he was discharged. Spot has done amazingly well and he is now a happy cat and back to his usual self.

→ - Basil Dobby

Back in July 2015, a rather handsome cat called Basil was brought in to see us after having a spot of trouble going to the toilet. Basil was suffering with cystitis. His condition worsened and he developed a blockage in his urethra, preventing him from passing any urine at all. This is an emergency condition and so Basil was hospitalised, was put on a drip, had many blood samples, and had his urethra catheterised under anaesthetic  to relieve the blockage.  Over the following 2 weeks Basil stayed with us as his problems continued. We had to catheterise a further 4 times as he continued to struggle to wee. In the end we performed a procedure not too dissimilar to a sex change (!)  and we amputated a portion of his penis to remove a section of his urethra. Since the operation Basil has done amazingly well and almost 2 years later he is enjoying life and is able to urinate when he wants to!! Go Basil!